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The Change Plan Assignment | Online Assignment

Theorist Chris Putnam Argyris* 1976 Double Loop Learning Peter Drucker* 1954 Management by Objectives (SMART method of validation) Paul Hersey & Ken Blanchard and 1975 Situational Theory (Situational Leadership Model) Frederick Herzberg 1959 Motivation-Hygiene Theory (aka the Two factor theory) Paul Lawrence & Jay Lorsch and 1967 Organization and Environment (contingency theory) Kurt Lewin Late 1930s-early 1940s Force Field Analysis Rensis Likert* 1960s Four Systems of Management (Management Styles) To help you prepare for the Week 5 final project, the critical assessment for this course, complete your first draft of “My Change Plan.” Minimally, provide a two-page outline with a working thesis statement (according to the assignment guidelines) that describes the specific focus of your plan. Include a list of potential references. Bullet points or notes should also be included with ideas for topic sentences and other comments. Consider these tips and questions as you develop your bulleted draft points: Is your project practical and can it be accomplished within your own sphere of influence as a teacher or a future building-level administrator? Your role as a change agent is critical to the project. Consider your role as a change agent in the work as well as the roles team members will play who will assist you. Are there 2-3 theorists you have read about in the course who would provide support from the literature, so to speak, for your plan? Review the Week 5 critical assessment rubric and pay attention to Kotter’s research shared in Week 5. His research is universal and can be applied individually or collectively to goal setting and planning. The four frames of Bolman and Deal (2017) should be evident in your planning but should be embedded, not simply listed as grouped themes. If you have developed additional paragraphs or pre-written other material, early submission of these items would be beneficial , though not required, and might allow for valuable instructor feedback. 4 frames- Structural, Human Resources, Political, Symbolic Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.–


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