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Reviewing Professional Literature Assignment | Online Assignment

Reading/s: G&G, Chapter 1, pp. 1-17, and Mason and Holt (2012, in Galvan & Galvan, 2017, pp. 211-224, Appendix B, Sample Literature Review #6). Submission Instructions: As with ALL formal Learning Experience submissions, the first page of your paper should be your title page—see Galvan and Galvan (2017) Example 12.18.1 on p. 145 for a template, and be sure to include the date submitted on your title page (see APA, 2020, p. 61, sample student title page, but include a running head). With the new APA (2020) Manual, authors no longer include the word “Running head” in the header. The last page should be your references. The following details explain your content pages for this learning experience: First, note the content based on headings and subheadings in Mason and Holt (2012, in Galvan & Galvan, 2017, pp. 211-224; see Figure 1 included in this Learning Experience). Headings will be in bold or italics within the article. For instance, the Abstract includes 5 subheadings and Keywords. See the template for an example. In the next and future learning experiences, you will need to create the outline. Consult your APA (2020) Manual (see Table 2.3, Figures 2.4-2.5). Then, complete Activity #2, G&G p. 16, based on Sample Literature Review #6 (Mason & Holt, 2012, in Galvan & Galvan, 2017, pp. 211-224). Provide fully-developed sentences with your interpretations based on the specific contents of the Galvan and Galvan reading and the Mason and Holt article under review, but no more than a 4-5 sentence paragraph of explanation for each of your four responses to Activity #2, sections A to D (p. 16). Finally, create a bulleted list of what the important take-aways are from this learning experience as you write your own literature review. Example of Article Outline: Learning Experience 1.4 Outline of Mason and Holt (2012; in Galvan & Galvan, 2017, pp. 211-224) Title (written as a reference) Abstract Background Aims Method Findings Conclusions Keywords Introduction Method Included study characteristics Table I: Summary of Studies (Note: the table may be placed anywhere in an article, but it’s placement in the outline is based on where it is introduced in the text; in this case, in the 5th line of the paragraph in this section). Methodology: A critical study appraisal Findings Types of mental health problems and interventions Types of qualitative methodologies Theme 1 Theme 2 Theme 3 Theme 4 Theme 5 Theme 6 Conclusions Declaration of interests References Correspondence


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