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Why I Want to Pursue Public Health Assignment | Online Assignment

I need a paper to highlight when I was interested in public health, specifically that I currently work in the Public Health IT field and need a degree to get to the next level. I’ve worked on studies before but only on the database side. In today’s’ environment, additional education is needed to understand epidemiology and it’s effect on the community. I currently work with Task Force for Global Health on a contract basis, which involves the CDC. The study will monitor pregnant mothers with COVID-19. Some notes: • When COVID-19 erupted and became a pandemic I became very interested in the program • I’ve always been interested in science and need a better understanding of epi. • After graduation, I plan to use the degree to become more competitive in this field • I’ve worked on multiple studies on the IT side in the past with Ebola research and currently an IT specialist on two current COVID projects • The group that I work in (LITS) is loaded with MPH grads and we do work a lot with the different departments that need IT support. The Informatics track would help me. • I feel the school is unique in that it has an awesome support system and graduation rate. • Even though I wasn’t the best student in college, my actual work experience has helped me tremendously. I’ve spent time in the Marine Corps and worked in Biotech and Drug development for 15 years. I feel now is the best time for a career change.


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