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Sociology Culture Essay Assignment | Essay Help Services

Explore sociological ideas about culture and society through names. Building off the early course discussion on names and the material covered throughout the course, complete the following assignment: Discuss your name (i.e. family name, birth name, nickname, married or changed name) for its social and cultural significance. Analyze your name, your experiences with it, the family lore about your name – all these things will give us clues about you and your culture (e.g. ethnicity, gender, status, education, history, tradition, beliefs) Write a college-level essay that uses the course material to analyze the subject. Utilize at least 2 major sociological theoretical perspectives in your analysis. Include in text citations and a bibliography. At least one external source must be referenced. All reference sources other than course text must also be noted. How has your perspective on your name and names in general been modified over the course? What insight do you have about the social significance and how other might interpret or view you based on just the name? Which sociological concepts are most applicable in your situation? Length: 1 1/2-2 pages (approximately 250-500 words). Format: Double-spaced,12pt.font, 1inch margins This assignment should demonstrate your mastery of the course theory and concepts.


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