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Extra Credit Reaction Papers: The Reaction Paper is an opportunity to react to something that has been presented to you during the class. Often times, there are items that provoke great discussion, emotion, and controversy. You will likely have a strong emotional reaction to certain things in class: anger, excitement, great interest, confusion and/or frustration are common. The reaction paper allows you to express your thoughts, feelings and reactions to the item within the paper itself. Within these papers, you are invited to react to something you’ve learned in this class — something that has been personally meaningful to you, based on the topics discussed in the class. Select one specific bit of psychological information that has been important to you and then describe your reaction to this information in a 3-part format as described below: Your reaction paper then needs to include these three typed headings: 1. ITEM: State the bit of psychological information that is the focus of your reaction paper. The item section contains a thorough description of the psychological item that is the focus of your reaction paper. You have named (the textbook item, the video, web page or a reading) and summarized the item that has affected you. Be certain to include a brief context of the item using concepts, terminology, and vocabulary from the course in order to thoroughly explain the item. 2. EMOTION: The emotion section describes your emotional response to this information. This section describes and explains the emotion felt you learned (or were exposed) to this information or stimuli, and why did you feel this way? This section describes your emotional response to the psychological information item in the section noted above. The paper thoroughly expresses once you learned this information (or were exposed to the item) how you felt, and why do you think you felt t his way? Use specific material from the item to lend support for your reaction. For example: “In the video when….occurred…I felt…because …. ” 3. IMPACT: The impact section describes the impact this information has on your thoughts, motives, and/or behavior. Now that you know this psychological information (or have been exposed to this item), how will it affect your behavior toward other people, your evaluation of yourself, your relationships, or life in general? In what ways?Integrate concepts, terminology and material from the class (that we have covered thus far) into your response. This section of the paper thoroughly describesthe impact this psychological information has on you. Reaction Paper Format & Submission guidelines: · 1)Your paper must be typed (word processed). It need not be more that one page double spaced. · 2) Include the headings 1.ITEM, 2.EMOTION, and 3.IMPACT in your reaction paper. · 3) You will receive up to 5 points per paper and you may only complete one paper before each exam (a total of 4 times over the semester). Papers that are missing parts or are not well thought out and/or written are subject to less extra-credit points. · 4) Please email me your paper before the deadlines for each exam. Please email your paper as a


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