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Proposed Action Plan Assignment | Get Paper Help

For this assignment, take the material you wrote for the possible solutions for your project and make revisions for the strategies that you chose to implement. Be sure it is a strong narrative description of your intended plan for action and that you are clearly articulating the plan that you have to implement these strategies in practice (provide the steps or process that you plan to go through as you implement your idea – what exactly will you do?). Lastly, be sure to address the questions from the professor for each solution. Note: I originally added citations in the writing; however, they must come from the actual literature review. So, in order to present the possible solutions, as well as addressing the questions from the professor, I would like for you to use the references from the literature review you created for me. In addition, Provide the steps or processes that should be taken to implement the ideas – what exactly will I do?Rough Draft- Proposed Action Plan Latarri J Sample- Literature Review (Game-Based Learning)


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