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Covid-19 Problems Assignment | Essay Help Services

Coronavirus/Covid-19 Problems that arose due to some misinformation disseminated by government officials with help from media sources

Thesis: The thesis should focus on what should be done, a proposal, and it should be limited to what is feasible and should be specific. The thesis should be developed with 4 sources, analysis, reasoning, evidence from experts. Avoid simple pro-con, opposite viewpoints positions. Your position should not be too broad. Try beginning your first draft with a “working thesis” which you can revise upon completing the draft. Purpose: This is not a persuasive argument. Rather, convince the reader with reasoning, facts, evidence and other means of support that we have studied. Point of View: Do not address the reader by “you” and do not use the first person, I, point of view. You may use “we” instead. Avoid subjective/emotional language. Audience: Your audience is your peers in our class and me, your professor. Outline for an argument: Intro: Question or problem at issue. Explanation of effects or causes. Your thesis, stating your position and reason(s) for it. Body paragraphs: What readers need to know and what they have been told. Your argument in summary, based on your research. Consider the counterargument/counterarguments. Include at least one source who does not agree with your main point, which is what is most important for some group to focus on and why. Concession: Concede a point to the counterargument: Professor J’s objection, that ……., is a reasonable one. We do need to…in order to accept.. .Refutation: However, it is still…… Conclusion: Larger implications given consideration of what you have examined and argued.


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