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Purpose: This assessment is designed to give you hands-on experience in designing a survey measure. Detailed Information For this assignment, you will: • Choose a construct that interests you, that you believe lends itself well to assessment via a survey, and for which there are no well-established survey measures. • Develop a set of at least 7 survey items designed to measure this construct. – Could be uni-dimensional or multi-dimensional • Include brief instructions to the survey respondent to accompany the items you develop. Write: • What is the construct(s) you intend to measure with your survey? • How is this construct related to your PhD research project/proposal or, if unrelated to your research, how could it be used as a measure in some other research project related to that construct? • Why do you believe a survey is an appropriate way to assess this construct? What are the shortcomings of this approach? • What would your sample be and how would you select it?


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