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Ko Kill a Mockingbird Gender Roles Assignment | Custom Assignment Help

Question 10 on word scavenger hunt Orlando David Valenzuela Research sources for paper on Gender in

I have a 5 to 7 page essay due this Friday and I really don’t feel like doing it and I have already written 5 paragraphs but my teacher wants us to write more and it had to have at least 5 pages/ 1250 words and a maximum of 7 pages/ 2000 words, I already have some citations you can use and I have to use the Claudia Johnson PDF, I had to choose a topic and I chose gender and I chose 2 questions that go with is what does Harper Lee say about gender through Aunt Alexandra’s character? what does Harper Lee say about gender through Scout’s character-her clothing, use of language, and aspirations?

3 questions for hw


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