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Marketing report Problem Identification and Description Assignment | Get Paper Help

The Customer satisfaction problem is as follows Existing customers were calling in to query the price of the package there had agreed and to see why the amount that was taken from their bank account was different from the price that was agreed with the advisor. This was happening several times throughout the day on a continuous basis. The pattern seemed to be when customers where re-contracting their services or upgrading. An introduction to the organisation which is SKY PLC and my role which is a sales advisor ( the information that you use for introducing the organisation needs to be taken from the Sky website. This needs to be referenced. Types of customers Sky have. I need a detailed definition of the problem. Who does it affect and why? (Stakeholder diagram completed this is attached) Assumptions I am making. I also need you to use the concepts attached briefly when introductincing sky`s customer Market segmentation – demographic Skys customer come from all ages from 18 upwards 80+


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