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Task 3. Reflective writing: Essay Weighting: 50% Length: 2500 words (not including in-text references or the reference list) Task description: This task provides an opportunity to demonstrate evidence of your understanding of the content delivered in this unit. In order to achieve this, you will need to think critically about and reflect on the nature and purpose of education. You should include evidence of scholarly research and your lived experiences, including your immersion experience if appplicable. Task criteria: Your reflective writing must include Evidence of critical and reflective thinking (25%) Synthesis of the unit content and lived experiences (25%) Scholarly research to support your thinking/writing (25%) Evidence of academic writing (e.g., spelling, grammar, structure-essay style, APA6 referencing) (25%) You can view a copy of the marking rubric here: 200226_Reflective Writing Rubric.pdf You can view a copy of the expanded criteria here: 200421_Essay Task Criteria Checklist.pdf Elaboration … 1. You have been asked to critically think about and reflect on the nature and purpose of education in order to demonstrate your understanding of key concepts presented in this unit. 2. As the task requires you to write an essay you will need to develop a thesis for essay. You can create your own or you could use one of the ten reflective questions/statements provided in each of the unit topics (e.g., Education is always a historical, cultural and political act) 3. Your essay will need to show evidence of critical reflective thinking meaning you move your discussion of your arguments and associated evidence on from the what to the so what and then consider the now what – i.e., implications this evidence has for you and or education in a broader context. (Assessment criterion 1) 4. You will need to draw on the unit content to develop arguments supporting or refuting your thesis. You do not have to both (e.g., all of your arguments could support your thesis) (Assessment criterion 2) 5. Your arguments must be supported by reference to scholarly research (Assessment criterion 3) 6. The essay must be well planned in order present a cohesive and logical structure. It should also be free of spelling and grammar errors and al in-text citations must be referenced using the APA 6/7 style guide. (Assessment criterion 4) Your tutor will be providing more specific information about how to plan for and complete this task. If you cannot attend the tutorial there are recordings available on the learning site. (See Topics 7, 8, 9 & 10 tutorial notes and recordings) If you require assistance with academic writing and or referencing you can contact the learning zone (https://www.scu.edu.au/learning-zone/) to make an appointment or watch one of the recorded workshopsAssessment 3 Reflective Writing Rubric Assessment Essay Task Criteria Checklist


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