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Medical Service, Funded at the Local, State or Federal Level, which Addresses Basic Needs Assignment | Get Paper Help


This project requires a minimum of TWO resources. One can be the government website that tells you all about the services. But, I would like to see at least one of two additional sources. To this end, please try to find information that has face validity (look it up) and appears to come from a reliable source/website vs one that is biased for or against the service you’re reviewing. Of course, if you find scholarly journals, even better! What service is provided, who qualifies and what is the application process like? Who sponsors or pays for this service? This information will primarily come from the government website or agency website. I’d like you to also do some research about how many people actually access the services. How much money is spent per year on this social service and how many people are served locally/statewide/federally. Conversely, is there any mention of how many people go unserved or who qualify but don’t access services? What are the public’s perception of pros and cons related to the service? Are there any funding issues etc.


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