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Measuring Safety, Health and Wellbeing Performance Assignment | Get Paper Help

This assessment requires you to review health, safety and wellbeing leading and lagging data from a case study provided or organisation you are familiar with. and make a short 15-minute presentation evaluating
You are required to review the data, evaluate the current health, safety and wellbeing performance levels within the organisation and make recommendations for possible improvements in the future.
The 15-minute presentation should include a power point presentation (or equivalent) and will be followed by a short 5 to 10-minute question and answer session.

Marking Criteria:
Students will be graded on their ability to:
 Accurately interpret and analyse leading and lagging data (20%)
 Undertake external comparison and/or benchmarking (20%)
 Evaluate the organisations current safety, health and wellbeing performance (20%)
 Make appropriate recommendations for possible improvements in the future (20%)
 Question & Answer (10%)
 Organisation of material and presentation (5%)
 Appropriate structure, grammar and referencing of sources in Harvard referencing style (5%)

I have a Case Study folder which is 15mb above will be sent via email. Kindly focus this presentation on the case study, please also
include chart graphs. PRES1_1_ Academic_sensemaking_and_behavioural_responses_exploring_how_academics_perceive_and_respond_to_identity_threats_in_times_of_turmoil


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