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Ending Racial Discrimination Assignment | Essay Help Services


need to write about ending racial discrimination. talk about the forms of discrimination and the different races that struggle with racial discrimination. for example, blacks Asians and native, more if found. prompt Either independently or in teams of two: propose, design, and create a digital advocacy campaign to promote a specific objective to a well-defined target audience. The objective can range from creating an on-campus training program, a political campaign, political protest, dissemination of a public service announcement, or to increase sales for a particular brand or product. Ultimately, you should choose a content area that relates directly to the job or career path you desire; and all student work should be saved for use in future job interview portfolios. As part of this assignment, you will also be asked to create an analytical essay. This 3,000-4,000 word (7-10 page) essay will provides an opportunity to explore your primary interests or campaign objectives in an analytical (i.e. thesis-driven) essay. The essay must engage at least two of the texts from the syllabus.


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