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Building Analysis Assignment | Online Assignment

Prompt: Pick ONE building to analyze for this assignment, basing your analysis on some of the themes/topicswe have studied this semester (i.e.,Architecture and power, modernism, critiques of modernism, symbolism,etc).This building you select should no tbe one that we have discussed in lecture/section this semester. The essay should be more than mere description-you should be analyzing elements of architecture like the use of material, technology, spatial layout in relation to the theme/topic you have selected. You should include images (plans, sections, elevations, detail drawings, photographs,etc.) strategically and the images should serve to support your analysis of architectural concepts. You may also choose to annotate your images where appropriate or sketch out diagrams to highlight certain things stressed in your text. Citations should also be included. I have attached the essay with revision comments from my Professor, please fix them according to the comments given.final revision comments(1)


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