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Abolish ICE & Detention Centers Assignment | Get Paper Help

You can use the outline I have attached for this, but overall I need a final paper typed up that includes the following: 6-8 pages in length Double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font MLA formatting Introduction + thesis statement Body paragraphs Counter Argument Conclusion Citations in each paragraph-more than one! Please Note: These citations are done in APA style, not MLA but the same principles apply regarding number of citations/references to research per paragraph. Works cited page with at least five sources But I have several separate assignments regarding this. I need an Intro (can be a rough draft intro) that needs the following: In 5-7 sentences, create an introduction. Your paragraph should contain the following: A Hook Background Information Thesis Statement And then another assignment that will need the following: Each body paragraph should include the following: Topic Sentence Information from your sources including: Paraphrasing Direct quotes (used sparingly-only approximately 10-15% of your entire paper should be comprised of direct quotes) In-text citations formatted in MLA style Analysis Then I will need a conclusion that follows this: Restate Your Thesis Statement Summarize the Main Points of Your Essay Create an Effective Closing SentencePersuasive Speech Outline (1)


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