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The Space Race Assignment | Custom Assignment Help

The paper needs to be re-edited. Follow the instructions from my teacher. It can be found in the PDF file. I think the most important thing will be this: “The paper should have some logical organization following the structure:

• a title page – the title of the paper, your name + e-mail address, my name, course
name, a short abstract (max.250 words), 3-5 key words

• an introduction – clearly state the topic and the purpose of your research, explain why
you are interested in the topic etc., comment on the structure of your paper

• a logically structured body – summarize the information you found on the topic,
explain the wider context, do not only refer to sources one by one but make sure you
connect the ideas with your own words, provide a complex overview based on your
own critical approach to materials studied. It is an academic paper so it is necessary to
show you are familiar with the topic and that you are able to work with various
information sources, analyze them and refer to them properly. Try to compose this
paper so that it is worth being called academic, well-structured, and complex.

• a conclusion – summarize the conclusions of your work, the facts, comment on the
main findings of your paper and provide your own point of view in your own words
summarizing the topic
(An introduction and a conclusion should be each at least 10 lines long.)”


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