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Performance Critique Assignment | Online Homework Help

Performance Critique – Cumulative Paper: Please include ticket stub. Describe your experience as an audience member as related to AT LEAST four of the topics studied in this course: design choices, directing choices, staging, costume, lighting, sets, setting, acting, genre, style, staging, space, etc. Did it look well-made or expensive to produce? What challenges to the artistic staff did you see? Please describe anything specific of note in the show (large set, small cast, special effects, etc.). Did anything go wrong? Describe the style and genre of the show – did it demonstrate Realism or another genre we covered? Describe the acting style. Please include what you liked/didn’t like as it relates to the selected categories. Give your reasoning. Please refer to specific theatre aspects (design, character development, etc.) as noted in the book. I am also interested in the audience itself – what were the demographics? Did the audience “play along” if the play required it? Even if the play was not interactive – did the audience hold up their end of the bargain? *Again – I would like to see a picture of the set included with the paper, as long as it’s possible to take before or after the show.* Please use citations if necessary. If I do not see connections back to the material we covered in class, including relevant terminology – you will receive a deduction in points. 2000-word minimum. **PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A RECAP OF THE PLOT OF THE PLAY. YOU ARE NOT DESCRIBING THE STORY THAT YOU SAW** Again – this is your opportunity to demonstrate and assimilate EVERYTHING we have covered in this class. It’s worth a big chunk of your grade. Please plan and write accordingly.


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