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Argumentative Essay on Political Parties Assignment | Essay Help Services

Using the Internet, libraries, and/or local election offices, write a speech to be delivered to your parents or guardians. You will ask your parents or guardians to vote in line with a certain political party. Within your speech, create a catch phrase that will make your speech memorable. Try using a simile or metaphor. Your oral argument must explain the philosophy and goals of two parties. What does each philosophy say about the role of government, about man’s inherent goodness, and man’s rights vs. responsibilities? What political change has been brought about by the party? The speech must contain a claim and counter claim. Give a brief history of the parties, including the year the parties were formed and the reasons for their creation. List any recent victories the parties might have achieved, such as putting some of its members in the Senate or House of Representatives or having a particular law passed by Congress.


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