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Child Psychology

The practice of psychology involves the use of theories to guide research and interpretation and implementation of findings. In psychology, these theories are scientifically-supported explanations for a given set of circumstances, and they ideally establish a cause-and-effect relationship. Theories are based on studies conducted using the scientific method to determine whether hypotheses can be supported. This type of research can be analyzed in many ways to inform a wide range of psychological areas. For this Assignment, you will examine theories and the types of research related to the particular psychological profession in which you are interested.

To prepare:

Using this week’s Learning Resources, research several of the theories used in the practice of your chosen profession. Determine how these theories were developed, and investigate the types of research methods used.

Note: You are reviewing theories, not therapies. If you discuss therapies, be sure to discuss the theories behind those therapies. Use peer-reviewed sources outside of the course to find theories related to your field.

To Complete this Assignment:

By Day 7
Submit a 3- to 4-page paper that highlights two key theories that are used in your chosen profession. If these theories have changed over time, explain how they have changed. In addition, select a once-popular theory that is no longer accepted, and explain what led to the change. Refer to the note regarding theories versus therapies.

Next, briefly describe the primary research areas used in your chosen professional role. For example, the foundational research areas for developmental psychologists are cognitive, behavioral, and emotional development. Explain at least one research method used in the professional role and how the method is used to guide research. For example, developmental psychologists primarily use the experimental method and naturalistic observation. You would then describe, in some detail, what experimental and naturalistic methods are and how they are implemented in research.

Finally, identify a scholarly research article from the last 5 to 7 years that employs a commonly-used research method in your chosen professional area. Discuss what was under investigation in the study and how that particular research method was used to investigate it.


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