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Sustainability Assignment

Task Sheet – Assessment 1 (Individual)
Length: 500 words report

You will need to actively manage an area of your own sustainability. Over a ten day period you will need to record your experience (photos/notes). A report will be submitted addressing key questions (provided below) including applying concepts from academic article provided in Blackboard* to evaluate your experience. Please choose only one of the choices below.

• Waste – Work to minimise the waste your produce. For example, no purchases of drinks in disposable containers (so that would mean taking a reusable water bottle and coffee cup with you to use); or
• Transport – Work to minimise your emissions through transport choices. For example, for those who currently drive switching to public transport/ car pooling/ walking/ riding; or
• Energy usage – Minimise your energy usage. For example, use stairs rather than lifts/ turn off lights/ minimize air conditioner usage/ consider clothes washing/drying. Please note personal safety must be put first – so if a stairwell is isolated/ not well lit or at night it may not be safe to use.

Questions/Report requirements (500words):
• Complete a visual diary of experience (photographs/screen shots and short comments for EVERY DAY). Provide a brief overview of your experience.
• Evaluate your experience in terms of changing behaviour towards sustainability – use academic articles to support your evaluation (an initial article has been provided in Blackboard to get you started).


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