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Critical Analysis Paper

Writing task 1: Critical analysis

Type: Portfolio

Task Description:

You need to write a 1000 word piece that critically analyses the interplay between platforms and our lived experience. This might include reflecting on your own experience with a media platform or technology. It might also involve you critically exploring the history, future and implications of a media platform or technology. It might involve you engaging with critical contemporary issues about the role digital media platforms and technologies play in our cultural, political, civic and social lives.

Your writing should involve a careful engagement with at least two scholars (via journal articles, books or book chapters). You should approach these scholars as key conversationalists whose ideas, arguments and ways of thinking you engage with, employ and respond to.

Your writing should include substantive engagement with an illustration or example.

While you may thematically link Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2, these must be different pieces of work that make distinctive arguments, offer novel examples and draw on scholarship in different ways. You may not use similar prose between Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2.

Criteria & Marking:

Pose a provocative question and explain why it matters.

Make a clear argument.

Engage with, and deploy, theoretical arguments from the course seminars, readings and original research.

Use scholarly readings deliberately and thoughtfully.

Use appropriate and incisive ilustrations drawn from your own research.

Write clearly structured prose free form expression and referencing errors.

Use your chosen form and style to convey your argument in an engaging and illuminating fashion for your intended audience.

Dear writer, please let me know your topic before you start. We need an approve from professor.


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