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Homeless Vets

Select and research a veteran population. Examples:
• Homeless veterans
• Senior veterans
• Gulf War veterans
• Veterans with TBI
• Veterans with PTSD
• Women veterans
• Veterans with physical injuries
• Veterans with a co-morbidity 

Include the following:
 Detailed information about the population 
o Military experience
o Demographics ( expressed numerically, as statistics) 
 Examples:
• age, race/ethnicity, gender, single/married
• Other: Total number of your population, era of service, disability status, education, income, employment, geographical location
 Healthcare needs in your population
 Analysis of policies or laws that impact your population
 Resources available to this population
 Barriers to resource utilization
 How the nursing profession can promote change to improve healthcare outcomes for this veteran population
 Interprofessional collaboration to meet healthcare needs of veterans
• APA format
• 7-8 pages in length, not including the title page or reference page
(minimum – 7 full pages, maximum – 8 pages)
• Four or more peer-reviewed current articles (within 3-5 years of current date)
• Three professional web-based resources 
Examples: va.gov, hud.gov, publichealth.va.gov, usa.gov/veterans, nrd.gov, vets.gov, congress.gov, army.mil, marines.mil. 
• Section Headings 
• Turnitin score of 24% or less


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