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Computer Science Essay

Unit III Assignment

Instructions: This assignment involves completing three exercises that address the risks associated with cloud computing. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate the following course learning outcome:

7. Analyze risks associated with cloud based applications.

Save all of your work to this template, and submit it in Blackboard for grading.

Exercise 1: The required reading in this unit contains a document that lists some risks affecting cloud computing. From that list, choose at least six risks to analyze and research. Insert the six risks into the table below, and then identify the risk-management and risk-mitigation techniques you would apply to address each individual risk.

RiskRisk Management TechniqueRisk Mitigation Technique

Exercise 2: This exercise involves comparing the risks associated with a public cloud versus the risks associated with a private cloud. List at least six bullet points (complete sentences) of examples that are more likely to occur for each deployment model.

Analysis of Risks
Public CloudPrivate Cloud

Exercise 3: This exercise involves researching a current event that involves a risk associated with cloud computing by using the Internet or the university’s online library. After researching the risk, draft a 500-word essay that includes each of the following:

  • Describe the affected organization/business.
  • Describe the risk(s).
  • Describe the cloud deployment model (if you can).
  • How did the risk impact the business (describe the impact by using the CIA triad)?
  • Describe how they recovered, or describe how you would recommend recovering from the risk.
  • Conclude by describing what you learned from this exercise.

Use APA style to format in-text and reference citations in your essay. Write and save your essay in the table provided below. Remember to proofread your work before submitting it.

Essay (500 words) 


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