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Profit and Loss Statement

Revenue is total room nights * ADR. Calculate your total rooms and then give me the occupancy in the percentage column. Your denominator will be total available room nights, so total rooms in your hotel * 365. Your answer here will vary from student to student based on the hotel you choose for the project.
Your hotel gets no-shows and same day cancellations that equal 10% of the total room nights. How much do you want to charge? The ADR? A set fee? You decide and enter that number in cell F6. Calculate the total number of rooms that will be no-shows or cancels for solumn E7. Then, caculate the total amount of revenue in D6. Cite your source in G6.
Currently, there are no additional sources of F and B revenue outside of food and beverage. In cell F12, propose 1 idea for additional revenue. Research how much money it would generate in a year. Put that number in cell D12. Cite your source in cell E12 like an in-text citation. Note: saying you won’t do anything is not an option.
Use Nevada Statewide Casino Employement as a guide for calculating payroll. Will your total payroll be higher or lower? Hint: your hotel is much smaller! Use the numbers from the rooms , food, and beverage departments as a guide and fill in information in the highlighted cells.
Calculate the undistributed expenses using the percentages given in the spreadsheet.


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