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Assess Ethics in Proposed Research


Using the resources and readings provided for this week, your assignment is to discuss how you would address specific elements of research design to ensure an ethical study.

Your task this week is to review possible ethical considerations that may arise in the research study you are proposing in your Signature Assignment. Include citations for each of the following areas as you work through them. 

Specifically, you must address the following (if you are unsure of any of these items but have an idea in mind just list your personal thoughts related to the component. Throughout this course you will develop a better understanding of these components as they relate to your topic):

Identify topics you are planning to use for your final assignment.
Special Populations: Who would be the target group that you would want to involve in your study? What ethical issues are associated with collecting data from this group? Are there other groups that could also be considered? Would they pose different or less ethical issues?
Participant Recruitment: How would you gain access to and permission from this group? Would there be any conflicts of interest? Do you plan to provide compensation to participants? What ethical issues might arise if you do?
Confidentiality & Anonymity: Why would you need to maintain confidentiality and anonymity? How would you ensure confidentiality and mitigate any issues of coercion? Under what conditions would you need to maintain anonymity?
Data Collection: What data collection methods might you consider? Would they pose any ethical issues? Why or why not? Are there other potential data collection methods that you could use that might pose fewer ethical issues but could still answer your research questions?

Submission Instructions

File Type: (PDF, PPT, DOC, Spreadsheet)

Length: 3 – 4 pages not including title page and references.

References: Include a minimum of four scholarly resources that demonstrate a connection between research, practice and scholarly work.


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