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Global Challenge Assignment | Online Assignment

The paper should be on global challenges, preferably in the form of global warming or epidemics/pandemics. I will add the task that was assigned to us by the teacher, as a concrete reference:

You should by now all have an idea of what kind of global challenge you wish to work with. The next step is to narrow the scope of your work down by identifying a specific problem or thesis question you wish to work with. The trick here is to either ask yourself a general question that gives you the opportunity to look at an issue from a superficial perspective, or, a specific question that lets you look at one particular aspect of a problem.


***Theme/global challenge: Global warming***

Some examples of thesis questions:

– What is the scientific consensus about how warm the world will be by 2050 and what might that mean for humanity?

– What part did global warming play in the bushfires that ravaged Australia in January?

– How does the Paris Agreement intend to fight global warming?

***Theme/global challenge: Epidemics/pandemics***

Some examples of thesis questions:

– Is the current corona virus pandemic an example of a fore-warned disaster that could have been avoided?


– What are the similarities and differences between the current corona virus pandemic and the Spanish Influenza outbreak of 1918?


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