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Vehicle Theft Detection and Tracking

The report structure should be like:
• Project abstract
• Project introduction, AIMS and objectives
• System Diagram
• Project Performance criteria and requirements
• Project Progress and Major technical achievements
• Methodology and testing plan
• Project schedule
• Technical challenges
• Result and outcomes
• Conclusion 
the parts that iam using in this project are:
1- GSM/GPS modem [ADA2542]. GPS antenna
2- gsm antenna
3- Arduino Uno board [A000066] voltage regulator [LM2596] shock sensor [504D]
4- Leds light
5- User device 
The system is powered by car battery power supply source and a voltage regulator is used to supply 5 volts to both sensors and regulate a flow of volt to the controller. The system has one shock sensors, used for sensing the movement of the vehicle. Shock sensor and the manual lock are both connected to the system controller ARDUINO UNO R3 (A000066). The GSM/GPS modem (ADA2542) is connected to controller and it responsible for connecting the vehicle with the user device. Where the owner able to unlock the system by sending (unlock) and lock the system by sending (lock). The messages are used to lock/unlock the system and used for the tracking system by sending (GPS) to detect the vehicle location. In this case, the system will send SMS notification with vehicle location as a link to the user device. Send and receive SMS notification is protected by password system.


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