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Brand Story

500-word Brand Story1 Page single-spaced or 2 Pages double-spaced, 12 point font
Using your Brand Story Guide as a starting point, turn your Guide into a rich, interesting and engaging story, remembering to:
1.Start with your character (customer) and conflict (problem)
2.Build up the conflict
3.Describe the transformation your character experiences

What is your customer seeking? 
LJ shapewear will be an online shapewear boutique with Colombian influence, but in an American market, which will provide high-quality shapewear in a wide range of sizes and styles such as: Body Briefs, Control Camisoles, Corsets, Body Shapers and others, with exceptional tech support and immediate responded to our customer questions. The store will be connected to different social networks, this brand is thought of as a result of the need that I see every day in the Nordstrom lingerie department, where women look for their body to look better and more molded when wearing a dress, pants, etc. where the demographic data are suitably exclusive. It is based on the gables coral sector, where women, because of the need to look better and the lack of knowledge of the Colombian shapewear market, buy the only brand available in the store, which is not the one that gives shape and shape to the figure.
The shapewear market is driven by factors such as the increase in sports and fitness activities and the growing beauty conscious population. Other factors that drive this market include the self-confidence that clothing provides. Specifically, the purpose of the strips is to help reshape the body as desired, which includes flattening the lumps, lifting the flaccidity and straightening the body posture.
This market is becoming popular with women every day, with more women yearning for a toned and physical aesthetic appearance without going to the gym and dieting due to lack of time and work pressure. Light fabrics evolved in garment design, celebrity brand attributes to the growing demand for moldings among women. 

Give this person a name: Maria Smith 
Age: 45
Family Size: 4, she, her husband and two kids 
Income: 96k+
Hobbies: Go to do aerobic classes, lunch with her friends. 
Online/URLs visits: 
Main motivations in life: Social activities and maintain family lifestyle. 
Main Problem: her self-steam and the necessity to look appropriate, also society is going to judge her, and she will not meet the standards of her lifestyle. 
feelings because of the problem: my customer feel that nothing fit her, that it is impossible to wear certain type of clothes because her extra body skin or fat.
Main Goal: make her clothes fit right, looking skinnier and good for the final activity or picture.
Positive feelings around reaching the goal: feel confident, happy, self-confident, 
Day-to-day activities: 
She must wake up early enough to prepare them for the day ahead. Breakfast is served, often with their children. As her husband leaves for work, the children are dropped at school in a car that matches the family status.
She goes to the gym (yoga or spinning classes).
She goes back to the house to supervise household work being done by domestic workers. she hardly takes part in any, may be occasionally cooking for their small families.
It is time to go to their shops or businesses. Some take the time to go for shopping therapy, or for the local spa, swimming or any other daytime indulgence like a nap or read a book.
And much more…….
Where/how to get my attention:
The store will be connected to different social networks Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

1. What is this customer’s primary and secondary goals? What are the underlying practical needs and obstacles to reaching these goals? 

My customers need my product function the way they need in order to solve their problem or desire.
My customers have unique budgets with which they can purchase my product.
Along the lines of experience, my product needs a slick design to make it relatively easy and intuitive to use.
My customers need options when they’re getting ready to make a purchase from my company. Offer a variety of product, and payment options to provide that freedom of choice.
My customer buys my product because of the features included in the purchase. If the customer were buying my shapewear, for example, they might buy it because it’s smaller and more lightweight than other options.
My customer buys my product because of a benefit, real or perceived, they believe it will offer them. The customer might also buy my shape wear because it makes a woman look skinnier and it is easily to put on.

Also, my customer buys my product for unique, individual values, real or perceived, they believe it will help them fulfill. my customer might think my shapewear will help them to be more confidents and unlock their personal issues.

2. How will this customer feel when he/she reaches her goal? 

My customer has very high expectations. Using LJ shape shifter will make her feel as though she looks her best, giving her a huge boast in her confidence.
My customer will have a sense of accomplishment. LL shapewear will give her the shape and look that she desires and allow her to feel complete. 
3. What makes this customer so excited, they would do anything to make it come true? 
My customer gets excited at the idea of that everything in her life is as it should be. Being someone that wants perfection. She would be willing to spend a little extra to get what is needed so her personal appearance matches the idea of what she believe is perfect exist. She works out, but still feels that her shape is not perfect. She loves the way LJ shapewear makes her feel and will simply have to have it.
4. What makes you the right expert to be this customer’s solution? What do you offer that’s different and better? What need does it fill?
LJ Shapewear, exist to provide the best in high end body forming shapewear. With year of industry experience and on the cutting edge of fashion and technology in Shapewear. We are in a unique position to provide exceptional customer service for a product of substantial quality that all of our customer have come to expect. What makes LJ Shapewear different? It’s simple… We ensure that our customer have what they need to look their best by providing a personalized one on one service through technology. This mean that we can help a far greater amount of clients meet there shapewear needs.

1. What fear keeps this customer from realizing his/her goals?
My customer has low self-esteem. She feels as though she needs to continually show self-improvement not only in her personal appearance, but in her home life. The need to be best, can be a bit over whelming.
2. What is enabling this customer to continue living unfulfilled (beliefs, wrong support system, finances, etc.)? 
My customer has a good marital relationship but lacks the support system that would help to boast her own self-esteem. This causes my customer to believe that her own self-worth is tied into her own personal appearance. She feels as though she needs to look her best to feel her best.
3. What solutions has this customer tried? Which have worked and which haven’t? Why?
My customer has tried it all. She has worked out excessively and still feel as though she hasn’t gotten the result that she’s looking for. 
My customer has even had surgeries to maintain the look that she looking to attain. 
4. Which technical skills does this customer lack, that frustrate and hold them back? 
My customer lacks basic computer skills. 
My customer get frustrated when she tries to navigate websites and just doesn’t understand how to measure proper Shapewear fitment.
5. Why does he/she feel disempowered to make changes?
My customer lack of self-esteem in her personal appearance. This is why she does so much to make sure that she looks her best at all times.
1. What will the customer have after the transformation has taken place? Be specific.
My customer will have the look and confidence that she has been looking for. When my customer uses the LJ shapewear website and sees how simple it is to get a personal online digital shapewear fitment. She will love the simplicity of the ordering process. And when the product arrives and she puts it on she will love how she looks.
2. What will the customer believe? 
My customer is going to believe that she how gotten a great product that mean her look and feel her best. This will give her the confidence that she’s been missing in her life.
What will the customer be able to do that she can’t do now? 
• My customer will be able to use our website to easily and quickly order product using technology that will give her a perfect fit. Without leaving the comfort of her home.
4. Your program/solution & the need it fills as it relates to YOUR customer. How is your program (company, service, or personal brand) unique and effective?
Using the power and influence of social media to reach our customer. We will bring attention to how the technology will be able to bring Shapewear to people who might not feel confident about specific parts of their bodies. Being able to wear certain clothing with the confidence that their bodies look their best. I believe that there is a market for LJ Shapewear’s unique Colombian influence in the South Florida geography. Our customer want the look and are willing to pay to get it.
1. Write down your top 3 core values. 
• Integrity
• Professionalism
• Honesty

2. Underneath each value, write down the experience(s) that led you to adopt or consciously appreciate that value. 
EMOTION 1 – Customer would return it on to find out that there was some return/Exchange policy that would prevent them from being able to return or exchange a product that they were not completely satisfied with. This is why Integrity is one of LJ Shapewear core values. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your product.
EMOTION 2 – I was shopping one day for myself. The salesperson that was assisting me was probably not having a good day. Unfortunately, she was very rude and really had a lack of knowledge about bra fittings. This experience led to the idea that in my work and professional business career I needed to be a professional and I wanted to ensure that LJ Shapewear always presented its customer with professionalism. 
EMOTION 3 – Working with women of all shape and sizes. There was a time I needed to be honest with my customer and tell them that a bra that they were trying just didn’t give them the best look. Even though I lost a sale. They appreciated the honesty. And knew that I was working to ensure that they look their best at all times. They later came back and asked for me to assist them with their next sale.


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