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Fashion Luxury Brand Management

Fashion Luxury Brand Management

Istituto Marangoni Miami is announcing a scholarship for the development of innovative ideas for a possible brand extension for the contemporary consumer.
The call is open to graduates of degree courses in business, marketing or fashion already holding a Bachelor Degree (3 years) or about to graduate or to professionals with relevant experience in the field.

The aim of the scholarship is to develop innovative ideas for a possible extension of a brand of your choice. Participants are asked to research, analyze and understand the Brand and its consumer, in order to identify market opportunities and suggest a welljustified brand extension opportunity.

1500-word essay (images included relevant to the argument/content):

One digital document (PDF) in three parts:
Part one: Analysis of the brand, the consumer and the market.
Part two: Conclusion: present your brand extension idea and explain how the analysis led you to it. Justify your idea from a strategic point of view.
Part three: 10 slides summary (ppt)

These 3 files must be uploaded in one single PDF.

Essay to be written in English language.

In addition to the project, please provide also the following:
Copy of the University Degree or other equivalent three years course
Copy of University Transcript
Minimum 3.0 GPA requirement
Letter of motivation (Personal Statement). We suggest you explain why you wish to participate in the initiative, how would you develop your career in the coming years, what are your personal goals, etc. (About 100 words);
Copy of your ID /Passport;

Things to Consider:

• Communication: Ensure that your concept is clear, responds to the brief and stands out from the crowd. Tell us what the story you want to tell is, why you chose the materials and what you want people to think or feel when they see your piece.

• Sustainability: As well as ensuring you use recycled materials as the key element think of how you could reduce the amount of new materials you need to make the piece, this is really crucial when it comes to our coherence of message with the external world.

• Wow-factor: what would make people stop on the street and take a picture of your outfit?

Judging Criteria:
Projects will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:
Coherence of objective
Level of Innovation
Project effectiveness from a functional and aesthetic point of view
Overall quality
Ability to synthesize information and clarity of the project.


1st August 2019 > deadline for the last registration and to send the creative project

5th August 2019 > Committee meeting for selection of the best projects

8th August 2019 > Scholarship results announced


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