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Global Performance Management Proposal

Imagine that you are the Vice President of Global Learning for a large organization that is expanding its multinational operations. The projected plan indicates that your workforce will increase by 20% in the next five years.

Currently, there is no uniform performance management system within the organization. Managers within different channels of the company create their own “rules” when it comes to leadership development and performance feedback. This is true at the multinational level, as well.

In a 10-page proposal to the CEO (excluding title page and References section), suggest an effective global performance management system strategy that incorporates the following components:

1. Employee engagement assessment- Measuring the degree to which employees are involved and satisfied with management and with the work environment
2. Leadership development- Plans to enhance leadership skill set
3. Succession planning- Plans to create internal promotional opportunities for future high-level positions, and
4. Performance feedback model- Way to best provide feedback and direction on employee performance so as to impact future performance.
5. Compensation model- How will employees be rewarded for expected behavior and/or performance improvement?
Also, detail how you will account for generational and cross-cultural differences when implementing the system. Include ways that your strategy will support organizational development and organizational effectiveness. Further, explain how you will measure the success of the overall system. Use at least 10 peer-reviewed articles to support your suggestions


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