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Personal Ethics Statement Assignment | Online Assignment

Select five (5) value-laden one-word concepts. Examples include concepts such as respect, competence, reliability, integrity, honesty, loyalty, accountability, self-restraint, justice, equity, fairness, courage, humility, caring, duty, honor, confidentiality, and common good. These are suggestions only. You are encouraged to use terms not on this list. Discuss each concept in light of our readings. Demonstrate that your analysis is informed by course readings by including direct quotes and using APA in-text references as appropriate throughout your submission. Include at least two (2) Biblical references to support your thinking. Compose one substantive and insightful paragraph for each concept. Compose your personal statement of what ethical leadership in the public sector means for you. This should consist of 2-5 sentences. Be sure to include all of the five (5) value-laden concepts you chose. Show these in BOLD text. Include a reference list for all sources cited in the submission. This assignment requires a two-step submission


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