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Research in social psychology has changed a great deal in the past 100 years. An examination of modern research, as opposed to classic research, shows differences with regard to the theoretical orientation (e.g., genetics, sociocultural approach, and social learning theory), ethics, and the basic versus applied nature of the research. There are also differences between the classic and current research with regard to its influence on social behavior. The task of this assignment is to select one classic research study in social psychology from a provided list. You will then locate a modern (within the last 10 years) peer-reviewed research study in the same subject area. The article you locate will be submitted for instructor approval. You will analyze these studies for their approach to social psychology, the influence of theories, research trends of the different time periods, the influence of the research on society, and how issues of ethics and ethical strategies differ across time.PSY 530 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric(2) ten_classic_studies_learning_aid (1)(2)


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