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One Responsibility Assignment | Online Homework Help

Review Ch. 3 in the Svara text, paying particular attention to the eight (8) responsibilities of public administrators. Compose an original analytical and well-organized 850 word essay (including references) that includes the following elements: Title Page: Begin with a formal title page that includes your name. Introduction: Include a one-paragraph introductory paragraph that sets the stage for the narrative that follows. Discussion: Use subheadings to organize your writing. One Responsibility. Discuss one (1) responsibility that stands out to you from chapter 3 of the text as being the most significant to the field of public administration. Defend your choice. Include in-text citations from the Svara text. Public Sector Illustration. Offer an illustration from any level of government (local, state, or federal) to support your choice. Private sector examples are not appropriate. To identify an appropriate illustration, you will need to conduct independent research to find a recent news stories covered by the media that clearly illustrates the responsibility discussed by the student. You are expected to include in-text citations from objective and reliable news sources to support the account of the story. Present the illustration without bias or personal opinion. Conclusion: Conclude the assignment with a one-paragraph conclusion that effectively wraps up the argument made in the body of the paper. References: Include ample in-text references to support your assertions. Include a complete and properly formatted APA reference list.


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