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Immigration and Labor Assignment | Essay Help Services

For the final paper we are asking that you write a comparative essay that examines readings of one week with another week.


Week 7: “Immigration and Labor,” with Week 13: “Central America and the ‘New’ Immigration Wars.” Here you can discuss the history of immigration and labor and how policies of exclusion, citizenship, and documentation continue to play a major role in how the U.S. creates and promotes immigration policies. Directions: 1) Choose two weeks of readings that are of most interest. 2) Select several readings from each week ( Please choose more than one reading for each week). 3) Develop a thesis that allows you to compare and contrast the readings. For instance, what are the main issues discussed in the readings? Why did you choose these particular readings, What do the readings have in common? How are the readings different? What has changed? What has remained the same? What are some solutions? 4) Write a paper that examines “your” thesis using the readings selected. 5) Be sure to accurately cite all materials and proofread all papers before turning in. Formatting: 10 double-spaced pages in 12 point Times New Roman font. Place any citations or notes at the end of the essay. You can use the citation format of your choice.


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