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Nightingale Leadership Written Assignment PURPOSE: The purposes of this assignment are to explore Florence Nightingale letters available through the UAB Lister Hill Library and identify leadership skills utilized to empower others and advocate for patients. DUE DATE: The assignment is due no later than May 29, 2020 at 11:00 pm CST. Please refer to the late policy within the Course Overview. Learning Activities: Access the Barrett Brock MacKay Florence Nightingale Exhibit. UAB’s Reynolds Historical Library Select a letter of interest to use as the underpinning of your group’s written work. Identify leadership skills and behaviors Florence Nightingale utilized to empower change and advocate for patients. Write a GROUP paper synthesizing your findings using the Paper Requirements and Content guidance below. Paper Requirements: Refer to APA MANUAL for guidance Times New Roman 12 point or Arial 11 point. Double spaced One (1) inch margins Include running head and page numbers along top. Refer to APA ONLY 1 person from the group needs to submit the final assignment. Paper organization: Title Page (Page 1) and Running Head. Refer to APA for title page set up. Content (2 to 3 pages not including title page, appendix, references). Any content over 3 pages will not be graded. Reference page (Final page(s)). Only PDF (pdf) and MS Word document types (doc, docx) are accepted. Content (be sure to include the follow elements with in your written work): Describe the selected letter. What was the focus of the letter? Who was the focus of the letter? Leadership skills. What kind of leader was Florence Nightingale? What modern leadership theory best describes her work in the letter? Population. Describe how Nightingale used the leadership skill within the selected population. Advocacy. How did Nightingale influence change within the population described in the letter? What was the outcome of the advocacy? Translation. How can you use described skills and behaviors within your future APRN or DNP responsibilities? How can you translate these skills or behaviors within your clinical environment? Letter Access and Information: UAB is home to original handwritten letters from Florence Nightingale. These letters were a gift to UAB’s Reynolds Historical Library. Through a generous gift from alumna Barrett Brock MacKay, an interactive exhibit that is open to the public showcases UAB’s Nightingale Letter collection. You can read more about the history of UAB’s letters and the School of Nursing’s Nightingale exhibit by clicking below on “Barrett Brock MacKay Florence Nightingale Exhibit at the UAB School of Nursing”. Nightigale’s letters teach us about nursing leadership and lessons for us today. In this course, we will study the leadership theories and concepts. We will also extend these concepts to nursing and in particular the advanced nursing practice roles.


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