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Keen Foot Wear Assignment | Online Assignment


Case Study general plan/guidelines 1.Define the objective of the case study. Discuss the problem and what the questions you are going to answer. 2.Discuss the information you are given to answer your questionand what information you will actually use. 3.Conduct the analysis, talk about the data you used and whatyou did with the data, and why you did what you did. 4.Discuss your conclusions and implications of yourresults. Discuss limitations of your results(if there are any)and what can be done to address this better(answer the question even better) 5.See Example of the case study below(This is an example of Case Study 2–this is just for your reference and nothing more). This is just a suggested outline and example. I do want you to use your creativity and know-how to come up with what you think is right. Remember, this is supposed to mirror a project that you manager would give you if you were astatistical analyst. In the end, it is your to do this. – Here are the instructions: (KEEN Footwear) Open the data “Keen Footwear Data” obtained by Google Analytics. Open the data file using excel and find data on County of Origin, Top Keywords, Online Retailers, user Statistics, and Page Visits. Create frequency tables, bar charts, and pie charts using excel. What might KEEN want to know about their Web traffic? Which of these tables and charts is most useful to address the questions of where they should advertise and how they should position their products? Write a case study report summarizing your analysis and results. think of this as a report that you would hand in to a supervisor at you job. Im attaching two files, the first one is an example of the case study. The second file is the Keen data using xls that will be used in this assignment. thanks.Keen Footwear Data


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