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Search strategy for Public Reports on Provider Performance for Consumers Assignment | Online Homework Help

DIRECTIONS AND ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA Clinical Question 1. Problem is described. What is the focus of your group’s work? 2. Significance of the problem is described. What health outcomes result from your problem? Or what statistics document this is a problem? You may find support on websites for government or professional organizations. 3. What is your PICOT question? 4. Purpose of your paper. What will your paper do or describe? This is similar to a problem statement. “The purpose of this paper is to . . .” Levels of Evidence 1. What type of question are you asking (therapy, prognosis, meaning, etc.)? 2. What is the best type of evidence to be found to answer that question (e.g., RCT, cohort study, qualitative study)? Search Strategy 1. Search topic(s) provided. What did you use for search terms? 2. What database(s) did you use? Link your search with the PICOT question described above. 3. As you did your search, what decisions did you make in refinement to get your required articles down to a reasonable number for review? Were any limits used? If so, what? 4. Identify the two most relevant and helpful articles that will provide guidance for your next paper and the group’s work. Why were these two selected? Format 1. Correct grammar and spelling 2. Use of headings for each section: Clinical Question, Level of Evidence, Search Strategy, Conclusion 3. APA format (sixth ed.) 4. Paper length: three to four pages


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