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Statement of Purpose for a Masters in International Affairs Assignment | Online Assignment

Hello Hope all is well. To start with specifics: we need 1-inch margins and 12 font size. The length of the paper should be anywhere from 500-1000 words, so it is up to you how long you’d like to make it. The most important part is to make a very compelling and interesting paper that will ensure capturing the attention of the audience, the admissions committee at CUNY Bernard M Baruch. Some background information from me (you can always ask for more): Intro: I was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the US with my family to better our prospects. We grew up on the poorer side, and that always pushed me to be more ambitious with myself. I speak 6 languages and am currently learning my 7th. I have always absolutely adored traveling and learning about other cultures, and always tried to blend in with them to the best of my abilities. Currently, there are only three graduates in our entire family, one of them being me. My major is economics and Italian, and I deeply care about both. I want to convey through my introduction, how my dire situation growing up inspired me to want to research ways in which I can help people not only from my own country, but also in those other countries which languages I speak. NOTE: I did not do very well through my bachelors because I had to work three jobs in order to finance my studies and life in New York City. I am however, a very hard-working individual that tries her best to thrive through everything I have gone through. My main interest (in the dept): The effects of corruption and trade in developing economies. I want to work specifically with countries that have these issues and to know how this affects their economies on a microeconomic level from businesses to individuals. Showing these kinds of studies can help to redirect the country through the restructuring of their trade and outside political influences. Why I chose economics: because it helped me understand the issues that my own country was going through and how they came about. This also helped me understand society as a whole and how people behave. It also showed me how one small shock in the economy can have great consequences for some people, and how those people, often poor, don’t ever understand what happens (for example real wages). Why I want the masters in International Affairs: because I care deeply and very specifically on how the macro and microeconomic policies taken internationally affect countries like mine, and how that effect trickles down to us the citizens. I’d like to specifically work with countries that go through austerity and how they can thrive either with their exports or tourism. I am very interested in those because I feel that they relate to my languages and ability to connect with them while also analyzing the situation. A professor in the Dept I am interested in is Anna D’Souza. She has dedicated most of her publications on developmental economics and the effects of various factors on food supply. I want them to know I care for her work and works of the same/similar nature. In the future: I see myself working in policy making or directly in government agencies aiding in implementing more efficient policies for the benefit of the people. I want to work helping economies (that can) enhance their labor force and standards of living through tourism and trade.Statement of Purpose draft 1


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