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Managing Human Resource Assignment | Online Homework Help

This is the report based on the General electric company. You do not need to include any introduction or conclusion. It should just include 2 subheadings, 1. the main challenges faced by GE in general, 2. the recommendation on those challenges. Under the first subheadings, you should talk about external and internal factors that cause that challenge. The challenge has to be focusing on only ONE but has to be specific. To address this question, you will have to carry out additional research to better understand GE and its industry CURRENT context and provide your analysis on the main challenge with the performance review at GE. Under second subheadings, the recommendation has to be no more than 2. Please make sure to use 3 academic sources abd 5 sources that relates to the current industry context of GE. Please also include the figure or table that relates with the report.instructions(7)


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