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Compare two Stereotype Assignment | Online Assignment


Semiotic Analysis of Multiple For this essay you will: 1. My topic is supporting stereotypes of African Americans. on this three movie (Moon Light, Get out, and Precious). and compare their similarity on the stereotype African American .. 2. Use your introduction to introduce basic information about your texts (Series Title, Episode Title, Song Title, etc.) and the basic plot (denotation) of your text. 3. End your introduction with a clear thesis that lets the reader know which group of people you want to write about and what your texts are saying about that group of people. 4. Use topic sentences at the beginning of each body paragraph to let your reader know your main point. 5. Use descriptions of specific scenes or parts of your text you’ve found to help you analyze the message you think the episode is trying to send. ** Remember, both or all three of your texts need to have exactly the same argument. Both or all three texts need to either be challenging OR supporting stereotypes about a specific group of people. Introduction: 1. Introduce the name of your series in italics. 2. Provide basic plot summary for your series. 3. Introduce the name of your episode in quotation marks. 4. Provide basic plot summary for your episode. 5. Provide a clear thesis that identifies the group of people you want to write about, whether your episode supports or challenges stereotypes about that group, and which stereotypes the episode either supports or challenges


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