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This assignment MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and must be written in proper English. Answer all questions completely, providing examples where relevant. Use the reading assignments through chapter 13 thoroughly. Write in an integrative style that shows your own understanding of the text information, supporting your discussions by using and citing the text in APA format. Outside research sources may be used to support the text material, but not replace the text. Culture and ethical issues must be included when relevant. Remember to reference all work cited or quoted in APA format. Respond to each question in approx. 1 page per question. Entire assignment should be 5-pages total plus a title and reference page. What are the stages of language acquisition, and how are they manifested in different circumstances, such as hearing children of deaf parents and children learning English in English speaking societies whose parents do not speak English. Would brain scans provide a less biased, more culture-free measure of intelligence than standard IQ tests? Support your responses. What are the key prognostic indicators for comas and the recovery from comas? Which theory of motivation best explains why students work hard to get good grades? Why? Is the expression of emotion really that different from culture to culture? Are attitudes toward the expression of emotions different from culture to culture?Discussion Questions II (AutoRecovered)(2)


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