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Compose Letters to Conflicting Parties Assignment | College Homework Help

Conflict resolution is a multi-faceted process involving many individuals. For this assignment, assume that you are a manager of two groups who are involved in a conflict with two distinct sides. Identify specific steps that each individual (or group) can use to diffuse the potential areas of conflict. Using peer-reviewed articles and personal experience, compose two letters to individuals (or groups) on opposite sides of an organizational conflict outlining the specific steps you suggest the groups take to diffuse the conflict. Use a specific conflict resolution practice from the readings and from your literature search. Next, create a list of five succinct questions to use as a starting point to begin either a mediation or negation of the specific conflict. After each question, provide one paragraph rationale, indicating how the parties will use the questions to assist in resolving the existing conflict. Length: Two letters and a list of 5 questions with summaries for a total of 6–8 pages, not including title and reference pages. References: Minimum of two scholarly resources.


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