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Role of Public Health Nursing in Environmental Health Assignment | Essay Help Services


The local health department director is going to issue an air quality alert “orange” for the locality which this health department serves. As the public health nurse supervisor you have been assigned to work with the environmental health specialists to prepare a press release. Using the format as provided below, develop a 1-2 page press release. A press release includes the who, what, where, and why and should be succinct and clear. Many press releases include a quote from a local authority e.g. the State Health Commissioner, in order to personalize and add interest. A good public health press release would also include what the average citizen should do; a press release is an opportunity for public health officials to send evidence-based public health messages. Additionally, write a 1500 to 2000 word scholarly essay with at least two references using the APA style should be included. Appendix B: Press/News Release Template Use the template below to draft your own press release, which should answer, who, what, where, when, why, and how of the event or activity. It also should include a quote from the appropriate person in your organization. The following sample press release includes further explanation of each section. For Immediate Release – These words should appear in the upper left-hand margin, just under your letterhead. You should capitalize every letter. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Tom Jones California Department of Health Services Phone: (916) 555-5555 Fax: (916) 555-5500 ______________________________________________________ [NAME OF YOUR DEPARTMENT] Holds Flu Shot Clinic as Part of National Influenza Vaccination Week Local Pharmacy Hosts Fall Festival [CITY, State]—Today, [NAME OF YOUR DEPARTMENT] is hosting a [EVENT], which is expected to involve more than [MINIMUM NUMBER OF EXPECTED PARTICIPANTS] from [NAME(S) OF AREA(S)]. Some of the activities planned for today include [LOCAL ACTIVITIES]. [INCLUDE ANY OTHER PERTINENT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR EVENT HERE.] “National Influenza Vaccination Week provides an important opportunity for our community to tell people how important it is for people to get an annual flu shot,” said [NAME AND TITLE OF SPOKESPERSON]. “Getting vaccinated is the single best way for people to protect not only themselves against flu, but their loved ones as well.” For more information about influenza and influenza vaccine visit www.cdc.gov/flu and [INSERT DEPARTMENT/ORGANIZATION WEBSITE, IF APPLICABLE].


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