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Forum Replies Assignment | Online Assignment

Listed below are three classmates’ initial forum posts. I need these initial posts replied to with 100 word replies each. Must be substantive reply posts (not just I agree) and somewhat succeeded in furthering the conversation. ************************* Classmate Kirsten Good morning professor and class, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far. This weeks forum topic was to discuss our speech and outline of our speech. The topic I choose for my speech and powerpoint is, the legalization of medical marijuana. More than half of the United States has legalized the usage of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has been proven to help with many different conditions and diseases. It has proven to reduce nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy. One of the most amazing things that medical marijuana can do is kill cancer, and slow down the growth of cancer cells. Its has also proven to help with children who have epilepsy. It also can help people struggling with depression and anxiety. If medical marijuana has all of these positive results, why isn’t it legalized nation wide? In my powerpoint, I used a couple different design and visual impacts. I included a photo of what marijuana looks like. I used the photo to inform the reader. I also chose to use color. This will help keep the viewer interested, and not bored. On some slides I also used a motion effect, to keep things interesting. I used a few strategies to make my presentation effective. I included bullet points on ways to access the drug if you need it. I also used a colorful and fun template, to help keep things interesting. ************************** Classmate Stanley Taking the advice given on my week two forum, I decided to focus on two-tier universal healthcare. I should be able to get into more detail while still staying within the word limit. Slide 1 = This will be my title page. Slide 2 = I will make a table of contents. Slide 3 = I will introduce universal healthcare as a whole. This slide may or may not be combined with the next slide. Slide 4 = I will explain how two-tier healthcare differs from the other types of healthcare. Slide 5 = I will talk about the benefits of two-tier healthcare. Slide 5 = I will talk about the cons of two-tier healthcare. Slide 6 = I will talk about contrives that currently use the two-tier healthcare system. Slide 7 = This will be the conclusion. Slide 8 = The last slide will be the works cited slide. I am not too sure what type of I am going to be placing on my slide show to capture the attention of the audience. I will be placing graphs to display what I what going to be talking about. I have found that universal health care systems or health care in general is something that most people do not know much about. The subject of health care tends to be very confusing especially for those who have not done the research on it. I believe giving good background information is crucial for people to fully understand what universal health care is. How I set up my slide can also be very important. Personally I tend to not want to read slides with a lot of words on it, because I tend to lose interest very easily. I am going to try to make my slides more visually appealing to encourage people to read the slide and follow along while I present the speech. I am also going to pick a font that is professional and easy to read and make sure that the side of my font is readable. To make sure that the audience can follow along, I will be using bullet points with only main ideas to reduce clutter and provide support. If anyone has any suggestions please reply to my post. Thank you. ************************** Classmate Anthony Hello Class, For my informative speech I will be addressing Human Trafficking. I have chosen a more basic color scheme of grey, tan, and black. I have a total of eight slides in my PowerPoint. They are as follows with their descriptions: Slide 1 is a title page including my simple title “Human Trafficking” and my information. My visual que is a gritty tan and black background to represent the Slide 2 is a table contents allowing the audience to see what will be covered in the speech. The color coordination matches that of the previous slide but is a simple plain background with black font color and a black accent line down the side. Slide 3 is my Introduction on this slide I cover my three main points of the speech, types of trafficking, it can happen to anyone, and awareness. This slide has the same plain tan background but also has the three points in a horizontal line with a Microsoft designs clip art next to it. Slide 4 is about the types of trafficking, labor and sex. I then define the term Human Trafficking including both types. I continue to address the United States law on the subject. On this slide I utilize a public domain licensed picture of hands bound together as if kidnapped to stimulate the desperation that is associated with the act of human trafficking. Slide 5 is about real stories of human trafficking. This addresses my main point of it can happen to anyone. I talk about the investigation of Larry Stinson in 2012. Slide 6 is my final point of my speech prevention and awareness. I talk about Nongovernmental Organizations that contribute to the education of the population on Human trafficking contributing to the possible prevention. Slide 7 is my conclusion to the presentation in this I revisit my three main points by reiterating information previously discussed to follow up my main points. This slide includes another free license picture of a hand against a gritty window stating Stop Human Trafficking for emotional support to the presentation. Slide 8 is my references in the Chicago style (author-date) as to my degree discipline. My speech will thoroughly elaborate on each slide as each slide includes a max of three bullet points on a basic tan black theme throughout the presentation. Below is my sources used in the presentation.


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