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The Emancipation Proclamation Assignment | Online Assignment


Powerpoint Instructions You are responsible for putting your topic report findings into a brief powerpoint presentation. Please identify at least 4 themes your topic findings reveal to you: themes related to what you have learned in the course, from the textbook and films, and from the racialization process. Examples can include: racism, discrimination, gender bias, resistance, segregation, economic marginality, political disfranchisement, assimilation. Create an argument or thesis statement on your topic. Your powerpoint presentation should contain the following: 1. First slide: Introduction of topic’s main themes/central argument/thesis. 2. Second to Fifth slide: depending on the number of themes identified (four minimum), you will need one slide per theme: a. Each slide should contain bullet points, not sentences or paragraphs; b. Each slide should contain an image that reflects the theme or bullet points. 3. You should have four slides minimum containing bullet points and images; up to seven slides maximum elaborating themes 4. Last slide: a conclusion revealing how your topic relates to your group, the course, and your opinion on the topic.


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