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Biomedical Ethics Assignment | Online Homework Help


WEEK 3: IN VITRO FERTILIZATION (IVF) (Continuation) and NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING (NFP) Reading: ERD 38, 39, 42, 43, 44, 52 https://youtu.be/aT32dyViGZQ (Links to an external site.) 1. Description and bioethical analysis of: a. Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis PGD b. Surrogate motherhood c. “Snowflake babies” d. Artificial insemination 2. What is Natural Family Planning (NFP)? 3. Describe the 3 Primary ovulation symptoms. 4. Describe the 7 Secondary ovulation symptoms. 5. Describe various NFP protocols and methods available today. 6. Describe and contrast: NFP vs Contraception. 7. Bioethical evaluation of NFP.


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