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Lead Poisoning Assignment | Online Homework Help


the Introduction is compare and contrast elemental lead (Pb) to the lead (II) ion (Pb2+) provide 2 similar properties and 2 contrasting properties of Pb and Pb2+ at least 1 sentence for each four properties, provide at least 2 ways humans ingest Pb or Pb2 explain which form is toxic response should be four sentences long then physiologic effect of ion fully describe at least two effects lead (II) has on the body at least two sentences for each effect is required what are the symptoms of lead poisoning provide at least 1 sentence for each of at least 4 symptoms of lead poisoning how does one treat lead poisoning should be at least 2 sentence for each method of treatment at least two treatments should be described compare and contrast the calcium ion (Ca2+) to the lead (II) ion describe 2 similar properties and 2 contrasting properties of Pb 2+ and Ca2+ at least one full sentence is needed for each of the four properties provide at least 4 sentences describing what chelation is and physiological process how does the treatment work in the body at least 4 sentences should fully describe how the treatment works in the body then write one summative paragraph of at least 8 sentences should summarize the report it should address what are the effects of lead poisoning, how do the properties of Pb2+ and Ca2+ explain the poisonous effects of Pb2+ and the curative effects of Ca2+, what is chelation and it’s therapeutic effect


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