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Apple Assignment | Online Assignment

Apple Computer had clearly established itself as the product leader in its industry by being the first company to market a complete personal computer in 1976. But by 1992, the industry had evolved in ways that threatened this position of leadership. Among strategy case studies, the Apple 1992 case is unique in the complexity of multiple challenges that it presents, including: How does the global industry evolve when it makes the transition to maturity? How does a “standards war” between competing technical standards affect that evolution? How does this evolution affect the viability of a product leader’s competitive advantage both at a domestic and international scale? Can a product leader still win in market competition even if it loses the “standards war”?
You are required to write a one-page essay answering the following question: “What should Apple do next and why?” In order to answer this question, you are required to assess the external environment and internal environment of Apple. Please note that you need to draw conclusions from the different frameworks used in the course, but you cannot introduce these frameworks in the text of the essay. References are excluded from the one page. For a more complete overview of the grading scheme, please check the rubric in the Appendix.
For this assignment, use an 11-point business font with single-spaced paragraphs and standard 1″ margins


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