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What type of Hero is Achilles in the Iliad Assignment | Online Assignment

What kind of hero is Achilles?

Achilles provokes a range of responses among readers of Homer’s Iliad. To some, he is a petulant, spoiled brat whose sulking and self-imposed isolation creates untold catastrophe for his fellow soldiers, even his best friend Patroklos. To others, Achilles’ trajectory through the Iliad — from righteous indignation and bloody revenge to compassionate solidarity with an enemy — reflects a remarkable, humane, and complex depiction of individual development. Because of these wide-ranging responses, it is difficult to calculate where Achilles fits into the spectrum of heroism — whether he accords more with an ancient model of heroism based on status and reward, or a modern concept that recognizes nobility and discipline. What do you think?

In a short essay, referring to episodes and characters in Homer’s Iliad, provide an assessment of Achilles as a hero in the Iliad along these lines.

Assignment Instructions

Write an essay of 400-600 words that addresses the prompt given above. Strong essays will make a clear argument and defend that argument succinctly–with specific illustrations, concepts, claims, or examples from lectures AND readings. Unsubstantiated claims will lower your grade. You will be graded on organization, spelling, and proper grammar. Your grade will also depend on the accuracy, thoughtfulness, and the details you include to support your answer and demonstrate (i.e., provide evidence) that you have read, understood, and can apply the information from the course material presented in the modules. More details on the long and short paper rubric can be found here.

The readings are from Books 1,2,6,9,16,22,24
At least 3 sources Chicago Style in the Bibliography


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